They should play it in hearses, it’s music from Curxes

Roberta Fidora writes “Hi there – I found your site after listening to Lizette Lizette and searching out more about her music.Here’s a link to my second album ‘Gilded Cage’ (released 20.10.2017) as I thought it might also be a good fit (in the vein of Siouxsie but with weird electronics and warped church organs). You can stream it on Bandcamp or Spotify.”

Curxes is the alias of Roberta Fidora, an electronic musician from the Isle of Wight who writes and performs bleak and oblique choral post-pop songs.
This is “In Your Neighbourhood” from said album. I’d go so far to say as it’s not bleak at all. It is cool, restrained and clever. It’s wormed its way into my heart very quickly indeed. Oblique & choral – definitely. Well, I am a bit thick, so many things seem oblique to me. This is pop music in the best sense of the word. Pop with a capital P.

As for the album as a whole, it sounds really interesting on first listen, a mixture of electro pop songs, short sharp instrumentals and some more ominous (bleak), experimental tunes, but I want to take my time with it so I will report back in more detail soon. So I will.

Super photo by Rob Luckins
Excellent video by Rob Luckins

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