SWIT’s Long Player Of The Week: Okay by Wy

Wy – Okay (Hybris/Better Call Rob)

First thing first, “Okay” by Wy is a fantastic record. Not that that should surprise anyone, we’ve been following Wy since the release of “In Bloom” back in May 2016. The tremendous promise we heard then has been more than fulfilled. The singles from “Okay” telegraphed that something special was coming our way, and now here it is. 

The 10 songs deal with depression, anxiety, regrets and love, there’s a lot of raw emotion, a lot of pain on display. It’s delivered in a remarkably clear-eyed and unsentimental way. Lyrics are matter-of-fact expressions, it’s not crowded with allegory or allusion and it’s all the better for it. The honesty and openness are refreshing and fit perfectly with the sonic world of Wy. Ebba’s voice is incredibly expressive, warm and emotive, the instrumentation throughout is beautifully understated, the echoing soundscapes are secular hymns to loneliness, to emptiness.

While the underlying feeling across the record is sadness, it is never a difficult listen, what will strike you is how skillfully Michel Gustafsson and Ebba Ågren have taken those emotions and created a truly remarkable album. I can imagine how much this record will come to mean to many people because it is one of those, like the first Smiths or Jesus and Mary Chain album, it’s important and immediate. It’s hard to pick stand-out tracks as we have covered many of the songs individually before but I can say the new tracks (to me) stand up to anything I’ve heard previously, “Kind” is a particular favourite.  I think, looking back in a year or two this will be seen as what is definitely is – a classic.

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