SWIT’s Long Player Of The Week: The Luxembourg Signal – Blue Field

The Luxembourg Signal – Blue Field (Shelflife Records/kleine untergrund schallplatten)

The first 3 tracks on the new Luxembourg Signal LP are a serious statement of intent, “big-boned and hardy-handsome”, carefully crafted dark, sleek, indie pop – all jagged guitars, atmospherics and coolasfuck vocals. They proclaim this is a serious band making serious music. Ok, on first listen respect rather than love may spring to mind but everyone can admire a well-made machine. Anyway, the next and title track takes care of the love for me, “Blue Field” is something, it’s the kind of tune you pray for on dark nights of the soul, song as friend, you know the ones you needed when you were seventeen and the whole world was against you. “Shipwrecked” is part modern sea shanty, part siren call, a final transmission from out beyond German Bite. “Are You Numb” is an ominous claxon call, a storm warning, a cri de coeur, and it goes on. The more you listen the more you discover – discreet, clever electronics, a rhythm section for the ages and the singing throughout is enchanting, perfectly judged. The more you listen, the respect remains, the love grows. It’s an impressively cohesive record, it has an almost Quaker sensibility – it’s not showy, but like all the best art it doesn’t need to be. I think this is up there with any album you’ll hear this year (or next).

Photo by: Leah Zeis

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