I’d share my Curly Wurly* with Girlie

Girlie – Im Automaten

Fancy some noisy, tuneful krautrock? You’ve come to the right place old bean. “Im Automaten” clocks in at just over 7 minutes and is worth every second, in fact, it’s pretty addictive, love the guitar work especially and frankly, it’s the whole vibe of the thing. This is the second signe in a new digital series that Späti Palace are doing, it’s a live favourite apparently and you can see why. Speaking of live, the boys have some dates coming up…like this

3/11/17 ULM – Kradhalle
4/11/17 ZÜRICH – Transit
Glyders (US) / Girlie / Arthur T. Fever
5/11/17 BERN – Atelier
6/11/17 WE NEED HELP! (Stuttgart, Freiburg, Würzburg, München)
7/11/17 NÜRNBERG – Desi
Girlie + The Johnny Komet – Desi Nürnberg
8/11/17 MARBURG – Trauma w/ D o l p h i n s & Creams
9/11/17 DORTMUND – Currystübchen w/ Kalkavé
10/11/17 HAMBURG – Mockry
11/11/17 KIEL – Medusa
JAGUWAR & Girlie & Dr. Dosenbier im Medusa Kiel
12/11/17 BERLIN – Internet Explorer
Sunday School 3: Girlie / Pigeon / Port Rois

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 44

SWIT Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

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