What a dose: The Barbiturates

The Barbiturates – Fame

The Barbiturates are obviously experiencing a period of artistic fecundity, the songs come tumbling out at the moment, almost, it seems, at will. This is the latest called “Fame”. It’s another, dark, brooding excoriation, an aural middle finger to…well, we’ll leave it to Chief Barb to fill you in….

Here’s another NEW tune!!! Were releasing our debut album at start of next year. This is a demo of one of the songs that will feature on it. It’s called FAME and it was originally written about Derrys music scene and the oppressive click and hipster politics that exist which had stagnated OUR scene, its vibe and energy.. too many cunts playing safe wanting to be kings of Leon, queens of the stone age, posers, trend followers, copy cats and ego merchants!!! But recently there’s lots of great original fresh vibrant bands popping up and things are looking UP.. hope it stays that way!!! We live in an age were there’s so much going on and no cunts saying nowt and making music for the sheep which is easy and not challenging as an artist or for your scene.. It’s good to challenge a thing cos it implements change and change is good and healthy especially in a modern hypocritically era full weaponized religion and politics that affect us and other ppls Lifes every day.. The songs now about how ppl make music for all the wrong reasons… A BAND IS AS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE SCENE IT COMES FROM and THE BEST BAND IS AS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE BANDS THE’YE BETTER THAN… LETS WORK TOGETHER AND MAKE THE SCENE VIBRANT AND PUT DERRY ON THE MUSICAL MAP!!! This goes out to all of the Northwest not just derry, let’s Fucking show em wot we’ve got.. NORTHWEST UNITED (( : : )) Love n respect THE BARBITURATES < 3 -33 \/ (NWU) This is not a debate, its how I feel.. Take it or leave it!!! ALSO HIPSTERS, EGO MERCHANTS, CLICKSTERS BE WARNED WERE COMING FOR YOU!!! (BOTFBR)

Photo by Matthew Alexander Patton.

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