S L Y C are our consonant companions

I had a dream last night, Sandy Denny got stuck in an elevator with Ralf Hütter on the 32nd floor of The Empire State Building. They’d never met before, but one look in each other’s eyes and they knew. Two hours later, freed by NYC’s finest, they emerged with “We move to make new words”. Like, they have recording studios in lifts in the Empire State Building now? Look, it was a dream FFS. Anyway as I awoke “We move to make new words” was blasting out the stereo. Phew, it’s actually by Norwegian very interesting (very very) indie-pop band S L Y C (Satan Likes Yellow Cacomistles*) but that might give you an idea of how good I think this is. They have a brand new album out as well called “Say, the illocuted way” (on Metronomicon Audio) which I am going to check out properly this week. The video is by old friend of SWIT, Jørgen Sissyfus Skjulstad who gave us the heads up on this one. Nice work sir!

* a cacomistle is raccoon-like animal of the American southwest, oh and that’s not really what S L Y C stands for.

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