There’s no get-out claws with The New Tigers

The New Tigers – Three Shadows

The nights are long and the shadows are longer (are shadows longer in the winter? Look it up). Anyways, they certainly gather earlier in the evening in both the physical and spiritual worlds round about this time of year. “Three Shadows” is the new single from Finnish indie wonders The New Tigers. It’s their second time on SWIT, but who’s counting [I am. Ed]. These guys have got a certain knack for writing beautiful pop songs. I listened and listened and wondered how to describe….but then it hit me, it’s like something The Carpenters could have done. Yeah, I know, I guess it depends on what you think about that. Anyway, I’ll leave that up to you. It’s from their new LP, coming in 2018 on Soliti. 2018! I used to read 2000 AD and that seemed like a million years away…um..anyway, I digress.

SWIT Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

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