SWIT’s WEEK: From Dublin we say hallow, ween yourself onto these cracking tunes from around the globe.

“That’s the freakiest Halloween mask you’ve worn in years,” sez Gerry to me.
“I’m not wearing one” I reply, half-distracted, peering up from the printing press.
“I know” he ripostes, laughing maniacally as he heads for the door, he’s like that, but I’m sure he loves me really.

Speaking of all things spooky did you know The Púca, pronounced “Pookah” is the Irish word for hobgoblin. One of the most feared spirits, it can take on a variety of shapes and sizes in order to wreak havoc and harm. However, it’s now less dangerous thanks to King Brian Boru, who is said to have tamed it and ridden it like a horse (oh er Missus). In fact, it’s said that the Púca often takes on the form of a horse or calf, rushes between a victim’s legs, and hoists them away for a mad dash across the countryside. It’s happened to me, dear reader. Besides horses and cows, the Púca can also take on the shape of a bird or bat and has been known to scratch the face of its quarry. Usually, this ominous spirit lies in wait at suitably eerie places such as a crossroads, motorway underpasses or old stone bridges. Victims describe hearing strange, unfamiliar music before and during their encounter with The Púca. Speaking of strange, unfamiliar music [I see what you did there. Ed] check out our best tunes from around the world this week, shriek in horror, howl in terror to the sounds of Still Trees (the trees, the trees, what hangs in the trees?), Edo, Wakambi, Mehari, Ross McLennan, Peredmova, The Green Flamingos, The Last International Playboys, Somehow (we’ll defeat the zombie horde), Highest Sea, Hibernales and Thea & The Wild (beasts that roam the moor, ripping the hearts out of unwary travellers)!!!!

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 43

SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

Our Long Player Of The Week, “Some/Any/New” (Human Sounds / Hot Puma Records), the second solo album by Tahiti 80’s Xavier Boyer. Check it out here! It’s a haunting disc.

“I want to say yes because art is such a gift and I think it should be used for good and social influence. I believe art and crime to be two of the best reflections of society. So it is paramount that artists understand the profound impact their work has on our culture.At the same time, freedom allows artist that right to choose. I don’t agree with people’s choice to stay silent or not take a stand but I suppose those who are brave enough to risk it must speak louder than the deafening silence of those who would say nothing at all.History has proven the utter danger in silence.”

Yes, our interview of the week is with the wonderful Lynette Williams! Her music is pulverising my pumpkins!!

Speaking of Vincent Price, we found this in our trick or treat bag….Happy Halloween everyone!

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