I’m dancing a flamenco to The Green Flamingos

The Green Flamingos – The Rush Kicks In

Here’s a thing, I’m deaf in one ear at the moment so my world has gone mono. Here’s another thing, “The Rush Kicks In” by funky Franco-Swiss The Green Flamingos still sounds ruddy marvellous. It’s got a kinda soulful, psychedelic retro feel so mono is more than appropriate.The rush kicks in right from the off, it’s a passionate, beatastic* and totally in your face. They really mean it man! Love the whispered changes of tempo too. The song is from their new LP “The Southern Oracle”, coming soon Le Pop Club Records/Echo Orange on CD and vinyl. The album was recorded at Back to Mono Records Studio (coincidence?), the temple of retro studio recording (apparently – can we visit ?!!?!?). I’ve checked out the LP, it’s bloody good. We’ll bring you more when it’s available.The band are Yoanna Claquin, Tommaso Soave, Julien Garric, Thomas Abbet and Mathieu Evequoz. The band are HOT!

*is that a word?

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