SWIT’s Week 22102017: The world’s best tunes, where music meets art and becomes “mart”.

What a week, we started with Hurricane Ophelia, we blew a lot of hot air ourselves and now it’s ending with Storm Brian (He’s not a hurricane, he’s a very naughty boy) so if you’ve been housebound and need to blow off some stream what better way to do it than by turning that dial up to 11 and checking out the best tracks we found (or found us) from all around the globe? I’m talking ANIQO, Gadless, Tenant From Zero, Astrid Swan, PAVVLA, Mortalcombat, Wanda, Ocellot, SHOESHINE, May Roosevelt, A Slice Of Life, Jane Doe and . Henna Emilia & Houree!!!

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 42

SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

It’s Gerry’s birthday, my partner in crime, and to honour the fact I wanted to sing his praises for setting up and curating the SWIT Gallery. Please do check it out HERE! I wasn’t going to name every contributor but hey WTF? We wouldn’t want any of these budding Picassos hiding their lights under a bushel..so we give you Kenji Kenji, Jimena Dominguez, Ádám Márton Horváth, Sarah P., Party Fears, UTO, Cheekbones, A CASA, Sakura, MimiCof, Atelier Ciseaux, Joe Moore, Animic, Wy, Linda Guilala, Σtella, Faon Faon, Lizette Lizette, Clémentine March, Belly Belt, The T.S. Eliot Appreciation Society, Red Sleeping Beauty, Pamela Hute, Bedford Falls, Swords, Calido Home, Acid Waves, The Loch Ness Mouse, Wunderland, Hoirong, Orouni and (our first piece by) Xavier Boyer. Wow!! I think we’re giving The Louvre a run for their money, a rogues gallery indeed.

SWIT’s Long Player Of The Week is “I Remember That!” by lots of people and it came our way via Ole from The Loch Ness Mouse and Estella Rosa from the excellent fadeawayradiate blog. It’s a really lovely record, as it says on the bandcamp page “This album was compiled amongst friends, artists and Sophistipop lovers around the world. It is a non-profit labour of love that was done, first and foremost, for sheer fun and possibly also to promote the artists involved, get people to listen to their work, and go back to the wonderful originals!”. Check it out here!

“The earliest musical memory I have is when John Lennon was shot. My family and I were dining at a traditional Japanese restaurant in downtown Los Angeles and there was a candlelight vigil being held outside. Everyone looked like ghosts in white robes. It was a pretty frightening sight to see so many candles and so many sad faces. My family and I were all gathered in a tatami room with shoji doors (paper doors) separating the rooms. In the next room, a group of official-looking men in business suits sat around a table and amongst them were scraggly looking men who I later found out were members of the Eagles. My uncle, who was a huge music fan, recognized them immediately and we went into their room to ask for their autographs. I was five years old at the time and had no idea who they were but I shyly handed them a pen and they politely scribbled their names onto my napkin. Later, I asked my uncle what in the world was going on outside and he told me that an important man was shot and killed the night before.”

Yes, our interview of the week is with the multi-talented and many-banded Kenji Kenji! His music is totally bending our bananas, totally!

Speaking of bananas…..

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