SWIT’s Long Player Of The Week: I Remember That​!​ by various artists

Ole, from SWIT favourites, The Loch Ness Mouse dropped us a line a couple of weeks back about “I Remember That​!​: 12 sophistipop tunes quoted out of context.” and we’re really glad he did. Hey, this is a really lovely record, as it says on the bandcamp page “This album was compiled amongst friends, artists and Sophistipop lovers around the world. It is a non-profit labour of love that was done, first and foremost, for sheer fun and possibly also to promote the artists involved, get people to listen to their work, and go back to the wonderful originals!” What a fantastic idea and there are indeed some really wonderful covers on here. Nice work Ole and Estella Rosa from fadeawayradiate. I’ve included a YouTube playlist of the originals as well, just in case you’re not as old as me.

The album actually brings me right back to a more innocent time. I am not ashamed to tell you that I was a New Romantic back in the early 80s, was (and still am) a huge fan of all the bands covered on this album. One song in particular, Seven Sports For All, has particular resonance for me and will forever be seared in my memory for it was the soundtrack to a particularly poignant evening from my teenage years.

I had been in Scamps nightclub, down by beach, the DJ that night was Fab Vinny, a hero of mine. I’d actually managed to clamber up on the stage and give him a hug, before I was thrown out. I wandered home, a little drunk, a lot desolate, mascara tears mingling on my cheeks with my badly applied blusher. I was wearing an electric-blue plastic suit which I was rather proud of, having purchased it from a shop run by a new wave Danish nut who somehow or other had washed up on the shores of north west Ireland. It cost me a month’s wages as I recall. I heated some milk in a saucepan for my Horlicks while listening to “Seven Sports For All”. I closed my eyes, lost in music, lost in time…I came back to planet Earth with a jolt, my suit jacket had caught fire on the hot plate. I panicked, ripped the jacket off and threw it onto the cooker, the ensuing conflagration enveloped the kitchen in seconds, I paused only to grab my tape recorder and a few minute later stood outside in the freezing rain, illuminated by the flames, as the fire brigade arrived to the sound of China Crisis. I guess Talking Heads would have been more apt, Burning down a house, indeed.

Softer Still – Talk To Me Like The Sea (Everything But The Girl)
Ed Ling – Bachelor Kisses (The Go-Betweens)
Ablebody – Bigger The Punch I’m Feeling (China Crisis)
Hollywood Juniper – Ocean Blue (ABC)
The Loch Ness Mouse & Tenant From Zero – The Sound of Crying (Prefab Sprout)
The Fisherman and his Soul – Oh Patti (Scritti Politti)
Red Rosie – Each and Everyone (Everything But The Girl)
Geyster – Cars and Girls (Prefab Sprout)
Scott Kesner (1982) and The Culver City Crisis – Seven Sports for All (China Crisis)
Imgur Heap – Downtown Lights (The Blue Nile)
The Skating Party – Mary’s Prayer (Danny Wilson)
Ralegh Long – Swans (Prefab Sprout)

Artwork by Percy Steward and Estella Rosa.

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  1. This is fantastic! Thanks so much for this article, the anecdote, and the youtube list!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. swittom says:

    🙂 Love the album, nice one & thanks


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