Patrick the Pan is using his loaf

Patrick the Pan feat. Ralph Kaminski – Imiona Tajfunów

Imiona Tajfunów (Name Of The Typhoon) is a low-key ruminative country-tinged indie tune, with a sweet sweet melody. Patrick The Pan asked fans to send in photos and videos of protests and demos they has seen or been involved in and the video is made from those. Although never having been involved in politics, Patrick had come to the conclusion that things had taken a turn for the worst in Poland.

He said “I have never been interested in politics but the events of the past year have made me angry. These emotions were kind of new to me, because so far, political affairs have not made any sense. When people started going out into the street, I realized that it was a result of the same anger that I felt in myself, only that was a step further. It was so fascinating to me that I decided to write a song about it. As a matter of fact, I was interested in energy – both in me, the energy against which the people on the streets protested and the energy that these people had in themselves. I wanted to write something universal. Something that will be put into a global image of collisions. In fact, this song is not about politics – it is inspired by politics but it is more about people and energy – bad and good – and how they can wake up”.

This is translated via his FB page so I hope I’m catching the spirit of what he’s talking about. Bottom line – I love the song and the crowd-sourced video, it’s out now on KayaxTV.

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