SWIT’s Week 08102017: 14 songs that lit up our lives (and our wives)

You can’t take your eyes off the SWIT guys for a second, nay, a moment and they’ve only gone and found another 14 fantastic tunes from all over the shop – try these magical musical mysteries (before they do you up like a kipper) from SUPERBEAT, Charlotte & Magon, Antipole, La Bien Querida, Slava Karelin, ABC Love, Matina Sous Peau, Xavier Boyer, Sherry, The Barbiturates, MAURICE & DIE FAMILIE SUMMEN, Témé Tan and Coups De Griffe and sparke & fade!!!!

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 40

SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

“I have to admit that it’s becoming easier and easier. It’s very important to speak up and talk about things that matter. I see it as part of my job to offer something authentic and real. I don’t want to sell art that’s contributing to the mass sedation of our cultures and societies. There’re enough soulless products out there – products that are easy to reach and destined to numb our brains. I see my art as my contribution to the revolution against the main stream of indifference. There’s a general promotion of lackadaisical notions in music and whatever’s labeled as “pop music” must be rather positive, uplifting & better performed by some alarmingly skinny, white kid. If people who have things to say shied away, subsiding to this common nonsense, we’d lose the battle with intelligence – thankfully nothing’s lost quite yet.”

Yes, our interview of the week is with the talented and thoughtful Sarah P.! Her latest disc, “Who Am I”, is steaming our spinach!

Speaking of The Cure…..

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