There’s an east wind blowing Watson, have another Sherry

Sherry – Sunday

A listener writes “My name is John Michael, and I front this Art Pop project called Sherry. Y’all just did a write-up on my drummer’s band, Imp of Perverse [that Imp do get around, don’t he?], so I wanted to send some of our stuff your way as well. We just released our debut album back in July and our first music video at the beginning of the month! Hope you like what you hear!”

Yes, John Michael, we like it very much, tuneful, louche even and quirky, clever lyrics that channel The Cat In The Hat – Sunday is an all-around indie good egg, perfect for a weekend or indeed any other day of the week, ‘s’why we’re posting it on a Tuesday. There’s an intriguing line there about Lipton’s’ tea, so ever ones to get to the real heart of the matter we asked John Michael “What is Lipton’s worst concoction”? And his answer dear listener?

“Liptons worst concoction at the time was just this really bland tea that someone had left in my fridge, I honestly can’t remember now what the flavor was. I really like the idea of a bland tea drinker trying to spice up things with wine but still continuing to drink the tea.”

Now that’s the kind of thing you’ll never find in Rolling Stone. We love wine. And tea. But we prefer wine, muchly.

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