Tuath – don’t ask why, ask why the fuck not?

Tuath – Cuz Why?!

Well well, watched the first episode of the new Star Trek series last night, pretty damn good it was too, brought me back to watching the original series, just a wee latchico* running around the streets of Mayo. Speaking of latchicos, woke up this morning to find the new video by Tuath sitting in my subscriptions list. This is “Cuz Why?!” – another damn fine song from the dastardly Donegal divils. It’s pretty spaced out, drums are brill and the sax gives it a bit of an early Roxy/Hunky Dory-era Bowie feel…..”Cuz Why?” I guess is like Why The Fuck is everything so fucking moronic and fucked up? Well, here’s something that isn’t, check it out.

*Latchico- noun. Irish. informal, derogatory. An uncouth or aggressive person, typically a man or boy, regarded as being of low social status. ‘why do we give these latchicos any airtime at all?’

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