Is that you ? No, it’s Isatou

Isatou – ”The Whole Damn World Is Going Crazy”

At the age of 16 Isatou sang at her school graduation and moved the audience to tears with her voice*. Someone (a mystery?) in the crowd offered her a recording contract and this is the first fruit of that – it’s a gorgeous version of the John Gary Williams classic “The Whole Damn World Is Going Crazy” on Cosmos Music. What a voice!

From a piece on she says “The world is fucked up, but it does not mean things cannot get better. A good start would have been if people realized that both society and the world are unfair. Many do not even want to admit they are privileged, and people must do that if there is to be any change. I want to make sure everyone is equal no matter what. People should have the same conditions and rights regardless of the colour of their skin, background or sexual orientation.”

SWIT couldn’t agree more! We’re really looking forward to what she does next.

*Gerry moves me to tears with his voice as well, tears of despair, if he mangles one more Cliff Richard tune I’m leaving,

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