Snapped Ankles shoot for the moon.

Snapped Ankles – Hanging With The Moon

I spent the weekend high on an ancient hill in County Monaghan, on the artificial border that divides Ireland and the very real border between this and the spirit world. The place is a pre-historic fairy fort, surrounded by totemic trees. The force is heady, the holy place untouched by humans for centuries, respect for the old ways is strong here. My soundtrack for the trip included “Hanging With THe Moon” by Snapped Ankles – a song ritualistic, primal, naive and wild. As the dusk settled down on the drumlins, the lights died in the nearby villages, and other lights flickered and moved across the landscape it took on myriad meanings, it ended and began many times.

I’d tell you where the band are from but I suspect that depends on how and when you ask the question.

Hanging With The Moon’ is taken from the album “Come Play The Trees” out on Friday (29th Sept) on The Leaf Label.

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