SWIT’s Week 24092017: 16 super tunes to hang around your looms

Here’s our best tunes of the week from the motley crew that are Clouds, François Virot, Phern, Raccoon Rally, Valle, Safetalk, Ari, IRAH, Sofia Bolt, In Bear Suits, Bedford Falls, Deep Sky Objects, Kettcar, Erin At Eleven & The Man From Managra!

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 38

SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

“I started mixing some songs with Stavros – he is a sound engineer and a bass player- he helped me out with recording the bass on the songs and we did the mixing together. When the first nine songs were ready we looked for other musicians who could be interested in playing the songs live on stage with us.
Danai was the next one to say YES and is now playing keyboards, percussion as well as singing the backing vocals along with Stavros. The (very) latest members of the band are Nikos (electric guitar) and Danae (drums) and I guess we’re finally ready to go!”

Yes, our interview of the week is with Eleni Karageorgou of Greek indie wonders Post Lovers !!!! Her latest single is braising my burdock!

Thinks: Cosmos = ((Homer’s Odessey * The Left Hand of Darkness) + Forever Changes) / Moon Safari) and you might have some idea – for this is a cosmic trip, a voyage through space, time and consciousness, a dream diary made real, translated into some of the most beautiful songs you’ll hear in this galaxy or the next. It closes with the breath-taking Madruga, but there isn’t a weak track on here.

Our Long Player of The week is Cosmos by the totally extra-terrestrial My Magical Glowing Lens.

You love Argentinian electronic music? Yeah well love this mofo, it’s our latest gallery masterpiece by the wonderfully wonderful Jimena Dominguez!!

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