Fancois Virot and Phern are making both ends burn.

Here’s a couple of crackers from our friends over at Atelier Ciseaux records (and it’s not even Christmas!)

First off it’s great to hear again from the slacker-in-chief that is Lyon’s Francois Virot, he lit up FEW back in the day as I recall. Train your sights on ChooChoo, this is one catchy locomotive and it’s serving all stations from Tunesburgh to Hitsville PA. Daddio.

Then, just when you need a Phern here they come with an off-kilter stagger they call “Paper”- hell yeah I’m on it, I’m in it, I’m the paper. You’re the pen. Write on me, baby.

You’re listening to the A-side of the split EP by FRANCOIS VIROT and Montreal’s PHERN available from Sept. 28th on Atelier Ciseaux. I can only imagine how good the rest of the EP must be. OK, I’ll level with ya – I’ve heard it and all I can say is WOWZA. Know what I mean?

Fun SWIT fact- the first record ever released by Atelier Ciseaux was by Francois way way back in 2008. So this is kind of emotional for Rémi, the AC big cheese. In fact, he was in floods of tears on the phone when we were talking about it. I had to hang up, nobody likes a man who cries.

Put away the hankies, and pre-order the EP here.

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SWIT Playlist 2017

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