As in a sweven* we heard Erin At Eleven

We love it here at SWIT HQ. We also love it here at SWIT HQ when artists send us their music. ERIN AT ELEVEN is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from “the outskirts Glasgow”, who has been writing songs since 2005. I wonder which outskirts? Even though I lived in Edinburgh for many years and would never normally post anything by anyone from Glasgow (or it’s outskirts) I’ll make an exception in this case. “Bad Bad Things” is a beautiful, down-tempo ballad, the kind of song you listen to as the dusk slips away and the night comes falling from the sky. Love the vocals as well. Bad Bad Thing is a Good Good Song [I was hoping you weren’t going to say that. Ed.]

*sweven – a dream or vision. Origin of sweven. Middle English from Old English swefn, a dream, sleep from Indo-European.

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SWIT Playlist 2017

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  1. audiodeluxe says:

    Good review of a great artist and song…

    Why the dislike of Glasgow?


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