Pass the umbrellas, it’s Løvfald

Løvfald – Regn

Being Irish, I think it’s fair to say that we are experts on rain, the many different types of it and the evocation of the same. I’m thinking “Regn” by Løvfald, evokes for me steady, persistent rain, that fills the drainpipes and lasts all day (sure the rest is only a shower).. .words like “batharnach”, “clagairt”, “clagarnach”, “dallcairt”, “forlacht”, “gleidearnach”, “stealladh”, “tuile” or “tabhairt mhaith báistí” spring to mind. At the same time there’s a certain joy taken in this weather, is it that you’re inside at a blazing fire, whiskey in hand, looking out, or you’re appropriately dressed and singing (somewhat somberly) in the rain? REGN is the first single from IMPULS (10 Fingers), the debut-EP by Danish Nordic jazz duo LØVFALD and it’s a beautifully-judged contemplation. Perfect Autumnal music, my favourite time of year. Pass the umbrellas.

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