John Richardson

John Richardson: Dawnsong & Birdman of Bognor

From John Richardson’s recent LP “The Fold” (Svart Records) here is the extended video for two tracks – Dawnsong & Birdman Of Bognor. John is a master of quintessential English art rock ballads, blending elements of folk, prog and psychedelia, never detracting from the story at the heart of the tunes. I guess the video is a labour of love for John and I quote

“The songs are part of a song cycle and showcase Richardson’s unique approach to art rock. The video for Birdman of Bognor, in particular, is a strong statement in support of transgender and LGBTQ rights at a time when these rights cannot be taken for granted. It is dedicated to all victims of hate crimes and random acts of violence — including violence towards transgender people, women, and those who have the courage to speak out against hatred and oppression. On a personal level, the song Birdman of Bognor is a response to bereavement and the need for personal transformation; on another, more general level, the video is a rallying call for change, personal freedom and compassion, as well as being a paean to 1970s glam rock. Self-produced by Richardson, the video wouldn’t have been possible without a considerable amount of help from friends, including the songwriter ALANA, the performers Tuuli Kristola and Maija Lindroos, the dancers Noora, Lilli Heberg and Jutta Pääkkölä, and the photographer and drone operator Kristian Heberg.”

Beautifully put, don’t you think? I love this. Have a listen and check the rest of the LP.

Photo by John’s daughter, Lise, a trained photographer and artist, in the hills south of Bath. Lovely place. Nice shot.

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