Valerie from Lali Puna talks about “Two Windows”, our LP of The Week.

[photo by Patrick Morarescu]

Back in January we were more than delighted to hear new music was on the way from Lali Puna, after a break of 7 years. The band are now a trio (three is the magic number) following the departure of Markus Acher. However, “Two Windows” is still distinctively Lali Puna, the intricately-layered arrangments, the electronic glitched repetitions and Valerie’s ephemeral, almost-whispered vocals are all present and correct. If anything this record is even stronger on melody that before, veering a little bit closer (but not that close) to the dance-floor. It’s a thoughtful, considered LP dealing with uncaring privilege, freedom, separation and optimism for the future. I’ve heard Lali Puna’s style described as “icy’ but break the surface here and there is tremendous warmth underneath. As my friend and colleague, Gerry might say “Ten SWITS out of ten.”  We were delighted a second time when Valerie answered a few questions for us – welcome back, we missed you 🙂

We are loving the new record – it has been a long time coming, was there ever a possibility that there would not be another Lali Puna album?

Thank you!!! I am relieved to hear that 🙂

Seven years is a long time and yes, I actually stopped making music. I concentrated on taking care of the family and on doing a real job. It’s what millions of women do, right? Giving up on what they want – and take care. But then there was a chance to tour in South Korea, where I was born. And I started to write a song for that project – and I noticed that I really missed it.

What were the circumstances of Markus’ departure from the band?

We separated.

Did his departure change the way you approached the record?

Don’t get me wrong: I owe Markus a lot. I am really thankful. But sure I got a new approach to doing a record: I am “top dog” now 😉

No, seriously: I’m not top dog, but I thought a lot about what direction the band should take. I make a lot of decisions. But Lali Puna is a band, that’s really important. I did the record with Taison (Christian Heiß, who is already a long time in Lali Puna) and I could never have done it without him. It took quite some time to find a way to work together because I sometimes think we really come from opposite points of view. But in the end, we worked together really well. Together with Caspar (Christoph Brandner, drummer), we are a very good team in Lali Puna.

Lali Puna find it hard to contain their joy following another 5-star review.
[photo by Bernd Bergmann]

How are you feeling as the release date for the new record approaches?

We did the best we could, that’s what somebody will write on our tombstones 🙂

What’s your favourite piece on it or do you have one?

I have. But I won’t tell 🙂

Are you planning to tour the record?

YES. The tourdates should be announced soon. (Tour dates are now here )

What’s exciting you on the German music scene these days?

I really liked the Sophia Kennedy-album. It took me some time to get into it, because it seems so much pop but is strange at the same time. You will get it easily if you see her live. It’s on Pampa Records, a label that I really like because you can see the handwriting in everything they do.

If you weren’t a musician what would you love to do?

I am a journalist. I like what I do.

What’s in your fridge?

I have children. So there is food in it.

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