SWIT’s Week 03092017: The 12 BEST tunes from your premiere music service.

Actually life as a druid is pretty neat, we’ve started doing guided tours of the tomb for unsuspecting tourists and I’ve set Gerry up in one of the cells as a Celtic guru, we’re calling him “Tadg mac Nuadat” – it’s got a beautiful ring to it, don’t you think? Given the season that’s in it (Autumn, my favourite) we lock ourselves in at night and pump the rooms full of magic mushroom vapours and we then go on perilous and exciting spirit journeys to find the best tunes from around the world – this week alone we’ve communed with Wy, Foster Studio, Sepalot, Jetstream Pony, Yoshimi, Some Kind Of Illness, LYNX, De Ambassade, Fir Cone Children, A CASA, Hidrogenesse and Glass Hamlet!!

You can find loads more on our YouTube channel and lots of other stuff too. That’s not to mention Spotify & Soundcloud. If you love the good music we think you’ll like what you hear.

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 35

SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

“Back in 2005 we got in contact through FM4 Soundpark, where people uploaded their music. Leo asked me to join a production he was involved in, they needed vocals. I provided the vocals and got a mail in return, saying more or less: Thanks for the vocals, I think they fit perfectly, but sorry man, I just found out that I am engaged with your ex-girlfriend and she doesn’t want us to do music together. I was irritated but enjoyed the level of bizarreness. I suspected this was bad for the moment but maybe a good start for the long run. A few months later we played shows together with our former bands and over the years Leo became something like an older brother for me.”

We kicked off the week with an interview and an exclusive stream of LeRoy and Angela Aux’s brilliant new LP – Grain In Vain! It’s no longer exclusive but it’s still brilliant.

So what do we have? Well first off – superlative and sympathetic playing across the six tracks on the album. We’ve got songs too, spoken word, fragments, samples, improvisations – improvisations that illuminate and uplift. The sinuous, fluid trumpet of Rômulo Alexis is simply breath-taking. The overall effect is an endlessly fascinating dream-journey through a city of the imagination, teeming with a million different stories.

SWIT’s Long Player Of The Week is “Radio Diaspora 2” by Radio Diaspora on Brazilian label Sê-lo!

“I think the music I do is a convergence of different styles. I guess my biggest influences are artists that are always listening what’s new and always reconstructing their concept, their sound. Artists that aren’t married to a single style or genre. Take for instance, David Bowie… I’m not his biggest fan but I do recognize that in his career and his work. I really respect that.”

Yes, it’s our interview with José de Diego from the very wonderful A CASA!

Speaking of Hamlet ….

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