Great Scot! It’s Sepalot

Sepalot – Konzentrat featuring M. Lindermayr

On October 27th Sepalot presents Seek, the second part of his diptych album, Hide& Seek. We’ve covered Hide& on a number of occasions and it made our coveted SWIT Long Player Of The Week a few months back, so you can imagine we were awaiting Seek with much anticipation and even excitement. Seek is Sepalot’s 6th solo album and on first listen it’s the work of someone on the crest of a creative wave, but more about that closer to release.

In the meantime, we are delighted to post the first track from the LP. “Konzentrat” is built around the virtuoso and frankly breath-taking trumpet of M. Lindermayr. As the blurb says “it’s a musical journey from Bitches Brew to bass music and back again.” It’s a night-flight through the boneyards of the city as the dawn breaks and the nocturns make way again for the normals. It’s a really beautiful thing, I’m enraptured.

Matthias Lindermayr(Trumpet), Angela Aux(Bass), Fabian Füss(Drums), Directed by Robin Karow.

Released on Eskapaden Musik

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