Super World Interview Time: Exclusive album stream: LeRoy + Angela Aux – Grain in Vain

Angela Aux is one of our favourite acts here, his last LP “Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams” was, in our opinion, a masterwork. We’ve also featured LeRoy (see Leo) via the last Le Millipede compilation “Mirror Mirror” (it even made LP Of The Week ). We are delighted then to have the opportunity to stream their new collaborative LP “Grain In Vain” ( Schamoni Musik).

What to say? let’s riff on lost Americana classic, electronic odyssey, Loony Tunes cartoon, your grandfather’s ghost stories when sleep wouldn’t come, half remembered regrets, a stranger at the door, secrets overheard and misunderstood, a broken clock that tells the time somewhere else…idea after idea comes tumbling out, and they somehow make a perfect whole from this sensory overload. It’s a wonderful record. They answered some questions for us about the album as well. Class.

Get your tape (100 copies initially) from Schamoni Musik – Release date 01.09.2017.

How did you guys get to know each other and start working together?

Angela: Back in 2005 we got in contact through FM4 Soundpark, where people uploaded their music. Leo asked me to join a production he was involved in, they needed vocals. I provided the vocals and got a mail in return, saying more or less: Thanks for the vocals, I think they fit perfectly, but sorry man, I just found out that I am engaged with your ex-girlfriend and she doesn’t want us to do music together. I was irritated but enjoyed the level of bizarreness. I suspected this was bad for the moment but maybe a good start for the long run. A few months later we played shows together with our former bands and over the years Leo became something like an older brother for me.

Describe the album in a single sentence.

Leo: Lo fi magic.

What’s your favourite song on there?

Leo: Something’s Goin Down – everything sits in its place. The backing vocals – so great! And check the bass man! A real and original piece of music reflecting this kind of Munich scene…

Angela: First it was Arbeitstitel because I was trying to do German lyrics for quite a while but I never really liked the outcome. Now its Jungle Tune, it has a magic atmosphere that makes my thoughts go flow.

What’s the work dynamic between you like for this album? 

Angela: Leo asked me to come over for trying to combine some of my poems with his soundscapes. He was building up stuff and juggling with gear in his quiet and mysterious manner. I mumbled some demos and thoughts into Leos microphone, thought we were still sound checking. When Leo suggested a break I realized we were already recording. It was a nice foggy afternoon. He sent me edits some weeks later and i liked them a lot. We showed it a few label people but everybody acted like it was some sort of joke. Thanks to Gero Loferer and Belp from Schamoni Musik for getting the message.

Did you share a vision of how this would come out at the end?

Leo: Production wise the vision was clear for me. Let´s make it fast and catch the ghosts. All in all we spent more or less 2 hours with recording and had a lot of fun. It was a great flow.

What bands did you have in mind while working on the music?

Leo: Sentridoh – Butthole Surfers – Souled American – John Frusciante.

Angela: Trio – Hymies Basement – Spacemen 3 – Frank Zappa – Grauzone.

Any plans to take the record on the road?

Angela: Yes but all of them are megalomania and absolutely unachievable.

Leo: Till now it was just an artform of making music. But we think about live shows in the future.

And a follow-up? 

Leo: Good idea.

Angela: We had another session a few weeks ago. I need to send Leo the files for he can bring beauty in the mess. He will manage to do it, because he has super powers in that.

Artwork by Hank Schmidt In der Beek and Gero Loferer.

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