I peered through the fronds at Autre Monde

Autre Monde – Village Of Loomers

Paddy Hanna and Autre Monde are becoming auteurs of a particular kind of Irish kitchen sink vignette. Over the episodic release of the four tracks on The Dukes Of Abbey Street (Popical Island), they’ve developed a very distinctive sound that undoubtedly wears it’s sharp, clipped new wave-influenced heart on it’s sleeve. Especially on “Village Of Loomers” I do feel some Blades in there and maybe even a little Phil Lynott too, there’s definitely that Dublin sound that I always find hard to define but recognise the minute I hear it. I’m not quite clear what a Loomer is TBH but if you’re looking for a village full of them you won’t have to go much farther than Aughrim. Here’s the full EP so you can judge for yourself.

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 34

SWIT Playlist 2017

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