Time to check in and check out Montauk Hotel

Montauk Hotel – Sense of Place

We love it when people get in touch with us here at SWIT HQ (currently broadcasting from our studio inside Newgrange) and we love it even more when they come armed with tunes as good as Sense of Place from Dublin’s Montauk Hotel. Describing themselves perfectly as an “Indie shimmer-pop act” this single boasts one of the hookiest guitar riffs I’ve heard all year.They told us “Our latest single deals with the interaction and relationship between people and the space they populate, live in, walk in and how these two elements affect and influence each other. It is a reflection on the migration to urban spaces and how urban spaces are constructed around us with a specific plan and aim. It is a simple anthropologic observation. Ultimately, the song is also about feelings like alienation versus belonging to a place, and the value certain places have for each one of us.”
Single’s out since last week and the band play with two other SWIT featured artists Party Fears and Last Days of Elvis tonight in The Hut, Phibsboro. This is shaping up to be one of the gigs of the year (which I’ll miss as my wife has bookclub)

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