SWIT’s Week 20082017: The 15 BEST tunes from your premiere music service.

Here’s our 15 top top tunes from around the world, including three (THREE!!) premieres – I’m talkin’ ’bout KO:MI, Woog Riots, A Thousand Hours, Spirit Fest, Melody Connor, J. Vega, Manalishies, Sauropod, Crush, Astralplane, Birdstriking, Telemothervisionfather, Ankur & The Ghalat Family, Sono and Horváth Ádám Márton !!!

You can find loads more on our YouTube channel and lots of other stuff too. That’s not to mention Spotify & Soundcloud. If you love the good music we think you’ll like what you hear.

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 33

SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

Why “Politics”?

“It’s hopefully a bit funny but also because the music/lyrics are in a way about politics. Not that we are fighting against or promoting some ideology… but these times are at least a bit confusing. Things we took for granted as a child are not so certain anymore: Europe, environment, democracy… it’s not that we want to preach it’s more like an observation.”

Yes, it’s our interview with Dieter Sermeus about his new band, Dieter von Deurne & The Politics, and we are streaming their new-self-titled LP (Morr Music) here until release on 25.08.2017.

Speaking about politics…..

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