We took some minutes with A Thousand Hours

A Thousand Hours – Shipwrecked (With Sister Calypso)

“We are an ethereal dream-pop band influenced by a wide range of sounds, most of which are melancholic and drenched in reverb.” – Well Swits, if I had a Euro every time Gerry said exactly those words to me I’d have a Euro. Because that’s what he did say to me this last week, along with “I can’t believe you forgot to post something by A Thousand Hours, the ethereal, dream-pop [you know the rest]..they’re from Nome in Alaska NOME! How many bands do you know from Nome you muppet?”

Suitably chastened, I found out that not only have they a darkly beautiful new album out called “Sleep” they also have a new video for opening track Shipwrecked and it is indeed melancholic and drenched in reverb but more than that it’s a fantastic tune and the vocals are TO DIE FOR. Literally. And so my job was done. later that evening as Gerry was leaving and I stared out my Goth window at the dark, fermenting Liffey, he shouted: “Haven’t you got a Nome to go to?” But I didn’t, I was all alone.I wish I was shipwrecked with Sister Calypso.

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