SWIT Premiere – Manalishies – ‘Blood Song’

We’re delighted to premiere the new single “Blood Song” by Manalishies, a new group formed by SWIT favourite Paltsa-Kai Salama (see also Black Lizard), to be released on this Friday (18th of August). This new group was founded by Paltsa-Kai, but is a shared vision with group member Iiro Tulkki and Antti Sauli. The band is working on their first EP, which top Finnish indie label Soliti will be releasing later this year.

Paltsa-Kai Salama “This band started as my solo project but evolved into a group effort. Musically we are somewhere in psychedelic blues and country, ‘Blood Song’ leaning heavily on psychedelia and improvisation.”

It sure is, as the name suggests “Blood Song” is a 10 minute, chaotic descent into the unknown, a head-rushing heart-stopping drive in the dark. Get those cans on and turn it up to 11. Did someone say “head fuckery”?

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