SWIT’s Week 06082017: Our 14 BEST tunes from around the world.

Tempus fugit some beanfeast from Abingdon shouted in unison, as I wandered by late last evening. I stopped dead in my tracks and thought by golly, never a truer word, why it was already Week 31 (as we call it in SWITLAND), to be completely honest it shocked me a capite ad calcem My oh my, 31 weeks of wonderful tunes already? And the question is are they getting g better? or worse? or what? Well, let’s think, in any event alia iacta est so only you can decide dear listener. Here is that Week 31 – the 14 best tunes we heard from Nilein, Music For Eleven Instruments, INÜIT (Cinq 7), Neuschnee feat. Pippa Galli ( SEAYOU ENTERTAINMENT), Hidden By The Grapes ( Wohnzimmer Records), Olli (Soliti), Roan, Jen Cloher (Milk Records), Violet Days, Rat Columns (Upset The Rhythm), IMustBe Leonardo, The Sorry Shop (Crooked Tree Records),Un Planeta and Eccentric Blabla ( Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten)!!

You can find all the other weeks on our YouTube channel and lots of other stuff too. That’s not to mention Spotify & Soundcloud. If you love good music we think you’ll like what you hear.

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 31

SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

“Me cuesta responder porque realmente no me encanta ninguna. Mi gran reto es conseguir hacer una canción de la que esté super orgullosa pero mirándo por el lado bueno, esa sensación, ese desencanto hacia mi, me da fuerza e ilusión para seguir intentándolo.Me fijo en músicos que admiro como compositores o como músicos y en el camino yo voy encontrando mis canciones.Bueno, del último disco me parece que están bien: “Poderes Extraños” y “Muero de Amor”.”

“It is a tough question; I am not fascinated by any of them in particular. My biggest challenge is writing a song about which I’m extremely proud. Then again, the fact that none of my songs blows me away encourages me to keep on trying and dream that that special song will come along.I focus on musicians I admire for their lyrics or their melodies and I find my own songs as I do so.From the last album the ones I quite like are “Poderes Extraños” and “Muero de Amor”.”

Yes, it’s our interview with Ana from the wonderful
La Bien Querida!

SWIT’s Long Player Of The Week came from Last Days Of Elvis

“Serious” is the word that comes to mind repeatedly when I listen to “Must Be A Mistake”, the new LP by Hiberno-Scottish-German outfit Last Days Of Elvis for, make no mistake, this is serious music. The first thing that strikes you are Andrew Stark’s dark, distinctive and seriously seductive vocals, boy can this guy sing. He’s framed by a seriously talented band. What really sets them apart is the sheer quality of the songwriting, over the nine tracks here it never falters for a second. It’s hard to pick out high points but currently I’m going back again and again to Amateur Hour (sweet keys), Almost Familiar (the kind of twisted lullaby you wish Morrissey could still write, and one of the best songs I’ve heard this year) and False Start with gorgeous guest vocals by Maggie Devlin. If you like your music dark, moody and dissolute then look no further.

Into the La Galleria Del La Switeaux this week we were proud to place this magnificent cut-up by clever French pop pickers UTO!
Right, til next time amor proximi!

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