Sometimes I think I’ll Chuck it all in


Yesterday was my birthday. I spent the day in the departures lounge of Birmingham Airport, going there around 3, hoping to get the jump seat on the earlier Aer Lingus flight. Of course, I did not and then spent 7 hours wandering around the no-mans land of duty-free, the place that isn’t really a place, populated by glassy-eyed, desperate business people, hassled families and embarrassingly gauche stag and hen parties. Where the cellar-cool beer is pissy and warm and the food that promises so much delivers nothing but mediocrity and deep, abiding ennui. On the upside, I finished reading one novel, started another and when I eventually got home at 11 pm* was greeted with much love, a cool glass of white wine and a simply fabulous bouquet of lilies!

Speaking of fabulous, and I am, here is “New Yorker” the new single by Chuck. I like to call it “electro-tussle”. It’s a slightly off-kilter ode (see: sarcastic sideswipe) to the joy of fitting in, of New York…..then there’s the “go die” bit at the end, so possibly he doesn’t mean that literally. Possibly. Anyway, nice brass! The lyrics mention Billy Joel’s greatest hits (go read the lyrics!) so Chuck, you’re always a woman to SWIT. Kudos.

*pretty sure the taxi driver ripped me off.

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 30

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