SWIT’s Week: Our 13 BEST tunes from around the world.

We’re back and this time we’re hungry, hungry for big tunes and huge hits. So, without further ado about nothing we bring to you, the good burghers of SWIT, these 13 excellent musical extraludes from Meridian Brothers, Strand Child, Magana, Post Lovers, The Would Be’s, Andreas Dorau, Jimena Dominguez, Bertrand Burgalat, Clouds, Páll Ivan frá Eiðum, WASPS and Akhil Srivatsan,

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 28

SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

Could you possibly forget our wunderbares interview with MimiCof where she says “I’m often amazed by music from different kinds of artists, but I never wished I had written them by myself. But since I never did a “band“really, I sometimes wish that I could play in a band.” So do we, so do we!

Finally, out long player of the week came from Talk Show Host – Cool tunes, blistering guitars, clever lyrics, self-depreciation, live fast…die sometime – yes it’s the new EP from Toronto’s kick-ass Talk Show Host. The five track EP was engineered by John Dinsmore (PUP, The Strumbellas) and Olive t’Servrancx-Bierman (Skip the Use’s Matt Bastard) of Electrik Box Studio, mixed them in France. Artist Harley Haskett did the cover, did it pretty well too. “Not Here To Make Friends” came out late May and we meant to feature it ages ago – better late than never, especially for songwriting of this quality! I Hate Men made me smile (and hate men). Check it out now.

Right, til next time xxxxxx

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