Check out SWIT’s new Páll

Páll Ivan frá Eiðum – Taktu Lyf So SWIT went out last night and had a great time with our friends. (yes we’ve friends). Only thing that could have made it better would be hearing this in the bar.It’s a superb piece of pop from Iceland’s Páll Ivan fry Eiðum. Beginning to feel alive again….

SWIT’s Week: Our 13 BEST tunes from around the world.

We’re back and this time we’re hungry, hungry for big tunes and huge hits. So, without further ado about nothing we bring to you, the good burghers of SWIT, these 13 excellent musical extraludes from Meridian Brothers, Strand Child, Magana, Post Lovers, The Would Be’s, Andreas Dorau, Jimena Dominguez, Bertrand Burgalat, Clouds, Páll Ivan frá…