We’ll sing a hosanna in honour of Magana

Magana – Inches Apart SWIT favourite Magana is back with “Inches Apart”, lacing a truly beautiful melody with heartbreak, sadness and regret. Is this a dream of how things used to be or never were? The video for the song, by Lauren Finerman, is fantastic. The single includes two cracking remixes – “Golden Tongue” by…

Super World Interview Time: MimiCof

Kyoto-born, Berlin-based MimiCof, who’s also been releasing music under her name Midori Hirano since 2006, has a new album – “Moon Synch” – out on Alien Transistor and it takes her in a different direction (see below). We absolutely love the record and we were delighted when she did this interview for us in May….

Going places with Post Lovers

Post Lovers – Going Anyway Not sure we’ve featured the same artist twice in one week before on SWIT, so this is a second and a first – this is the other side of Post Lovers – this is Going Anyway – sixties-tinged/garage/surf pop, its a perfectly carefree summer travelogue with a video to match….