Here are some CLOUDS for A Change

CLOUDS – A Change

This is the 3rd single release from Oslo six piece, CLOUDS and it’s out now on Sotron
From the band:
The making of A Change was a pretty organic process, actually. Chris, the drummer, wrote it and brought it to the others. We all put our individual marks on it, rewrote some of the lyrics, rehearsed it and then presented it to the producer, Kenneth Ishak (Beezewax, Heyerdahl). The recording was done in The Observatory in Oslo. It all went smoothly and we are dead pleased with it. The inspiration comes somewhat from British 00’s indie and 70’s California, but not quite. It is a happy tune set to a difficult story. It’s not really about changing something, it is more about not wanting something to change. But, anyway, who cares. You can dance to it. And sing along to it in the car. Or dance to it in the car. Whatever floats your boat. –

SWIT doesn’t recommend you dance to this whilst driving your car – but in the backseat whilst not impairing the vision or concentration of the driver is fine. Great tune.

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