Brilliance the thing is with Jimena Dominguez

This is exceptionally good, this is “Guarani Song” by Argentina’s Jimena Dominguez on Polvo Bureau – it’s like she’s taken a shower of rain and turned it into a song, a dreamlike meditation with beautiful echoes of modern Japanese classical music. What a talent. The video is intriguing, including a scene where some naked men inadvertently (?) fall foul of the office gardener. We’ve all been there.

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  1. Walter says:

    I think you’re wrong with Japanese reminiscences. GuaranĂ­ is the language of certain native peoples of South America that is still spoken in some populations of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

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    1. swittom says:

      Thanks Walter, I didn’t know that, from my POV I was saying it reminded me of Japanese classical music, not that it was necessarily an influence on the song. Cheers, Tom.


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