Knock back your ciders and check out The New Tigers

This is the new video by Appu Jasu (keyboard maestro) for “Chewing Gum”, the first track off The New Tigers 2016’s Vindication EP (Soliti). It’s a tune of irresistible wist* (is that a word?) and sweetness. This is the pop we love. A new album is on the way, a lead single will be out later in the summer. Exciting !

*a combination of wit and wistfulness**

** we just made that up***

*** it’s also an anagram of SWIT

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 27

SWIT Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

Illustration by Rune Mortensen & Frode Skaren, recolored by The New Tigers.

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