Kimba Kyon’s latest EP is out of this world.

Kimba Kyon – Kuiper Belt

We love it when people get in touch with us here @ SWIT HQ sharing their tunes. We especially love it when they’re as good as these ones by Kimba Kyon from Hamburg, Germany. Here’s the excellent title track from their Kuiper Belt EP. I asked vocalist Chris for some words and he kindly obliged. “Well, I am, in a nihilistic way, fascinated by the undescribably huge difference between the dimensions of the universe and everything that has been and will be, on the one hand – and on the other hand the individual misery of men and women and children yesterday, today and tomorrow. It’s just extreme. No one is intereted in a single Roman slave’s pain in the year of 105 A.D. And in 2,000 years no one will have any feelings about the invididual pain of a mother in Aleppo in these days. That is horrible and perverse, but one can understand it. This notion is fascinating. That’s what the song Kuiper Belt is about.”Thanks to Chris. I thoroughly recommend this one guys.

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