SWIT SWEMIERE: The Cats Never Sleep – Hummus

Swiss quintet The Cats Never Sleep were formed in 2012. After a self-released EP in 2014 and two 7 inch vinyls on English record company Fruits De Mer, the Cats went to Kerwax Studios in November 2015 and put on tape their first full length record. Titled “Massage”, the album is a genuine ode to weirdness and it’s out on Le Pop Club Records / Echo Orange. SWIT treasures weirdness, it revels in lunacy and it gets down on gimpery. Oh yes!

“Massage” struts, it stretches, and it’s first and foremost a rock n roll record, sometimes sounding like the lost child of Jim Morrison and The Small Faces. The vocals are louche, sexy, sung with a knowing smile and a just enough sneer – “Sofia” is a stone-cold classic, just a brilliant immediate tune that you feel like you’ve know forever. Is it possible to record an album in cinemascope? If so then this must be it – take “Le cow-boys” for example, a French spaghetti-western Westworld, if such a thing can exist. “Nakata” starts a little shy but comes on all krautrock eventually and the new single “Hummus”, what can I say it’s the most heartfelt song I ever heard about chickpeas, it’s a swirling, echo-chamber delight, a twisted tribute to “I don’t do drugs, I just do hummus”….you know I think he doth protest too much. Whatever these cats do it’s working and I want some. Check it out, it’s great.

Here’s the new Hummus video

and here’s the album

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