I’ve got that sinking feeling: Flotation Toy Warning

Flotation Toy Warning – Everything That Is Difficult Will Come To An End

It isn’t often we venture to the UK these days, for the once great nation is now a footnote in history, the former cultural monolith reduced to scavanging for scraps thrown from the great tables of Europe. Brexit took it’s toll, the PM cries into a bucket of KFC as she stuffs her face, slumped on a filthy couch, watching endless repeats of “Going for Gold” with Henry Kelly. Frie from Luxembourg will always be 21.

However we do receive the odd ghost transmission, there exists in the abandoned libriaries and empty shopping centres some brave souls who fight on against the odds and produce something of worth from the most difficult of circumstances. Flotation Toy Warning are one such merry troupe. “Everything That Is Difficult Will Come To An End” is from the brand new album “The Machine That Made Us” (Talitres*) and we like it a lot.

As the band say “I don’t have much time, none of us really do
So I’ll be fucked if I’ll be spending it with you”
…..a sentiment we share almost all the time. Isn’t that right Gerry?

* will Talitres become Tapints now?

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