SWIT SWEMIERE: Xavier Boyer – Stockholm Syndrome

Xavier Boyer – Stockholm Syndrome

“We’re getting there, it’s growing on you. I hope it’s no Stockholm Syndrome”

We’re delighted to premiere the new video by Xavier Boyer, frontman of French indie maestros Tahiti 80. This is the first cut from his new solo LP, “Some/Any/New” ,coming later in the year.  Multi-instrumentalist Boyer crafted the new set using an iPad, an 8-track and a few cherished instruments (a groovebox, a guitalele and a casiotone). Stockholm Syndrome, a wistful, baroque-pop ballad with a beguiling melody is a perfect calling-card for an album that more than lives up to the promise it displays (believe us, we’ve been playing it a lot!).

Xavier says “I kept the original guitar take even though there were people talking in the background and built the song around it. Even if it’s technically not perfect, sometimes you just have to keep a take because it has that certain magic”.

Indeed, the song wears its rough edges with pride and it’s all the better for it. The sessions’ DIY ethic is reflected in Stockholm Syndrome’s self-directed lyric video, a riot of twisted, day-glo WordArt.  Xavier Boyer’s album will be released on Tahiti 80’s own label Human Sounds.

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