There’s a bluebird in my heart – 2 By Bukowski feat. Kid Moxie

2 By Bukowski feat. Kid Moxie – Hot Summer/Beast’s Breath

This is my first (and second) encounter with 2 By Bukowski, they’ve hooked up with actress/pop star Kid Moxie for new single “Hot Summer”. It’s comes over all Night Clubbing, this summer is too hot, strange guitars, drugged up vocals, a long drive through the city at night with the top down…

Homecoming queen yay hold her a parade
Wholesome, lonesome, but make sure she’s awake
She’s got a thousand yard stare and a hundred degrees
A devil on your shoulder and an angel in jeans

“Beast’s Breath” is on the other side, literally and figuratively, a telegram from somewhere else, somewhere you don’t want to be.

Berlin-based Greek act 2 By Bukowski have returned with their first new music since 2005’s Yzordderex, “Hot Summer / Beast’s Breath” is the first of three 7″ singles the band will be releasing this year. Available now from Inner Ear Records.

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