SWIT Long Player Of The Week: Mensch – Tarifa

Mensch – Tarifa

photo Jean-marc Ferre

Mensch are Vale Poher and Carine Di Vita from Lyons and “Tarifa” is their second LP. I’m off there in a couple of weeks, it’s one of my favourite places in the world. Mensch agree – “We fell in love with the city of Tarifa. We went there to write and compose our second LP.” To be honest it was the name of the album that caught my eye first, then the new video for ”Cosmopolitain”.

We said about Cosmopolitain that it was “darkly atmospheric, the regimented beats and heavy bass lines are beautifully tempered with bright, colourful guitar flourishes and sensual vocals.” And that pretty much applies to the album, running at a relatively short 34 minutes, it’s a remarkably coherent piece of work. It harks back to the past, some of the basslines would make Peter Hook blush, Joy Division and New Order are referenced liberally, I even hear a little early Duran Duran here (maybe that’s the sunshine) but it’s a lot more than that too, it sounds futuristic, confident, clever and skilful.

The title track itself comes on like a Camus short story, repetition in search of perfection. Any one of the eight tracks here could easily stand alone as a single. I honestly haven’t enjoyed listening to a record so much in quite some time. I’m really looking forward to getting back to Tarifa and seeing if it sounds different there.

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