The Mensch Machine


Mensch – Cosmopolitain

Mensch are Vale Poher and Carine Di Vita from Lyons and they’ve made very good friends with a drum machine. Their name gives some clues to their sound and influences. They’ve just re-released their 2015 LP “Tarifa” and let me tell you something, it’s a great record – I’ll be talking about it in more detail later in the week. In the meantime, here is the new video for ” Cosmopolitain”. Darkly atmospheric, the regimented beats and heavy bass lines are beautifully tempered with bright, colourful guitar flourishes and sensual vocals. Impossibly stylish strangers passing in the night. Impossible.

Week 23 YouTube Playlist

SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

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