SWIT SWEMIERE: Plateau Green – Tree

Plateau Green – Tree

Really delighted to be Swemiere-ing this track, Tree, from forthcoming debut EP – The Arch of Our Eye’s Orbit by Munich based artist Plateau Green aka Julian Klaas.Julian kindly discussed the track and video with us “Tree talks about the dream of becoming suspended in universe, in mid-air, in water – the dream of separating from our human self. The video consists of real, raw and nearly unedited footage of different particles, bubbles and other suspended matter- floating through the water of an actual aquarium of less than half a square meter, with actual light projections being introduced halfway through the video. To me it stands for the basic principles of how our world works, for the matter we are all made of. It also refers to how we work as an individual, or in relation to each other… with the beauty of this world residing in the smallest particles, in their continuous organic movement, their inner relation, and their reciprocal attraction and repulsion.”

This is as impressive a debut you will hear, and having had the chance to listen to the EP in full the quality doesn’t let up. On Tree, I adore the wonderful use of guitars,the reverb-ed beats,the up/down tempo movements and Julian definitely possesses one of the best voices I’ve heard since working with SWIT.I must have played this track 40 or 50 times now and discover something new with each listen. This is a real serious talent and one to watch. Klass by name and Klass by nature.

Tree is out today and the EP – The Arch of Our Eye’s Orbit – is out on Friday, June 24th and will be available as a limited 12″ white vinyl on Bandcamp.

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