HÄANA – Salt

HÄANA, Los Angeles-based producer/violinist/vocalist combines traditional Nordic/Icelandic musical themes with digital and analog electronics to produce something unique, fresh and different. While counting Massive Attack, Björk, and Trentemøller as influences, it is obvious that she walks her own path. The new single “Salt” is “a juxtaposition of ethereal beauty and dark Valkyrie power”. Being from the west coast of Ireland, which has strong bonds with the sea and a thriving traditional music scene(not to mention our own Viking roots), I felt a particularly strong and immediate personal identification with this song. I can taste the salt on the wind as I walk along the empty beaches of Mayo, looking out upon the wild Atlantic, next stop Iceland – summoned home by the lonely violin, the wave-crashing percussion and the siren-call vocals. HÄANA will release her new 5-track EP SALT later this summer featuring: INK, SNOW, SALT, GOLD, and SAND. Her inspiration comes from Nordic deep dives, including a recent summer trip to Iceland to do some field recordings and find inspiration under the Midnight Sun.

production, vocals, violin: HÄANA
electric guitar: Stefan Axel
vocals/violin recorded at On the Perch Studios, Sonoma County, CA
Icelandic translations: Ása Sóley
mixed by Dave Sharma, Houston, TX
mastered by Shawn Hatfield, AudibleOddities, Oakland, CA

Photo credit: Sequoia Emmanuelle

HÄANA on the web & social media:


tour dates:

6/6 FOG, Rockland, ME
6/7 Wonder Bar, Boston, MA
6/8 Alchemy, Providence, RI
6/10 Earth Rhythms Fest, Waubun, MN
6/15-18 Sonic Bloom Fest, Rye, CO
8/4-6 Arise Fest, Loveland, CO
9/8-10 Imagine Fest, Orcas Island

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