The Week 04062017: The 17 best tracks from the last 7 days.

It’s June ! Tune June – the tunes of June are here, no need to beware. We went to see Woog Riots in Dublin last night and they were great so like this is probably going out a bit late – can’t be sure as I wrote it days ago. It’s a conundrum or maybe even a time tunnel. One thing is certain, it definitely is Tune June and we’re sending these 17 beauties shooting right out of our space time continuum – see phasers to stun and check out Ethica, LeSuperhomard, Highest Sea, Radio Eliza, Ténéré remixing Safetalk, Lali Puna, Grúska Babúska, Nimrat Khaira, Astrid Swan, Annabel Lee, ELEPHANTS ON TAPE, No Suits In Miami, Housing Crash, Bergfilm, Lusid and Blisterhead!

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 22

SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

Super World Indie Thursday Timely Live Emission (SWITTLE) was the letter D for the brilliant and optimistically named Death Cab for Cutie. Here’s a live set from Glastonbury 2015. WOWZERS!. Anyone got a Death Cab for Donald?!?!!?

“I started to sing after listening to Astrud Gilberto, I love her beautiful voice. Claudine Longet vocal style, when I sing softly and Lynsey De Paul is an influence too, I like the songs she wrote and her 70s outfits.”

Yes! It’s our interview with the supremely stylish Spanish singer/songwriter Lia Pamina. Her latest LP is marinating my mangoes! In fairness, I’ve been know to flaunt the odd seventies outfit myself – I don’t care what anyone says you can’t beat a pair of beige Farah slacks. Now they were classy, with a capital C.

SWIT’s Long Player Of The Week: A Casa – La Luna

June’s “La Luna” is the yin to “La Tierra”‘s yang, released just last month. We love yin-yang here at SWIT Kling Klang. It’s dark in here, up here. Pitch black, it echoes disconcertingly. And the voices. It could be a church, or a vast and empty hell, abandoned when we all forgot to believe. Abandoned except for me. The cacophonous rattle of percussion, the jagged, broken glass guitars, the Gregorian chants, cathartic and terrifying in equal measures. The record? It’s a Gothic masterpiece of precision. A satanic symphony. A harpooned whale crying for release, dying for release. A broken machine gun that never runs out of bullets. Priests worshipping the moon. Worshipping La Luna. Fill your desolate heart.

SWIT Swoons in search of tunes has excavated some ruins and uncovered this classic interview with Stephanie Müller of Beisspony and ALLIGATOR GOZAIMASU. This is quite simply one of the best interviews we’ve had in our 2 years of doing SWIT. The ALLIGATOR GOZAIMASU was also one of our very favourite recordings of 2016. Finally Stephanie sent over a super Christmas hamper of goodies and 2 copies of the album,one of which we’ll be giving away in our 1st ever competition on SWIT happening very soon! Needless to say we’re big fans,so with that check out our CLASSIC SWIT INTERVIEW!

That’s all folks, I’m off to Spain soon myself, can’t wait! I’ll be checking out the local scene down in Cadiz and reporting back every day….ok, the truth, I’ll be drinking myself into a gin-soaked stupor by lunchtime most days and then sleeping it off until the I can stagger back to the (any) bar. Can’t wait!!

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