SWIT Long Player Of The Week: A CASA – La Luna

La Casa – La Luna

June’s “La Luna” is the yin to “La Tierra”‘s yang, released just last month. We love yin-yang here at SWIT Kling Klang. It’s dark in here, up here.  Pitch black, it echoes disconcertingly. And the voices. It could be a church, or a vast and empty hell, abandoned when we all forgot to believe. Abandoned except for me. The cacophonous rattle of percussion, the jagged, broken glass guitars, the Gregorian chants, cathartic and terrifying in equal measures. The record? It’s a Gothic masterpiece of precision. A satanic symphony. A harpooned whale crying for release, dying for release. A broken machine gun that never runs out of bullets. Priests worshipping the moon. Worshipping La Luna. Fill your desolate heart.

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